How the e-app drop ticket & fax platforms work

The paperless e-submission "drop tickets" and the Protective TeleLife fax-app are great alternatives to writing low cost term policies. Use whichever you prefer.  You never have to leave your office, you never have to see your client face-to-face...these platforms save you a ton of time!

All carriers require the agent to be appointed prior to doing a paperless or fax app submission. Please contact Julie Adams at 1-800-543-7167 ext. 233 for carrier appointments.

You also need to do a one-time registration for access to each.  With SBLI and United of Omaha, when you open the platform the first screen will require you to input data for a quote, but that data will eventually self populate into your screen for the drop ticket submission.

Regardless of which platform you use, after you "submit", the process works the same:

  • After you submission via drop ticket or fax, within 24 - 48 hours a processing unit will telephone your client for a 30 minute interview and do two things: (1) they will verbally review all of the questions from a normal application, including medical history, and (2) they will make arrangements for the paramed exam/labs. (The exception is that some clients may fall within SBLIs non-med limits, for which no exam or labs are required.)
  • The process flows very well as long as your clients anticipate the telephone call and interview.  They should gather as much information ahead of time so the call goes as quickly and as easily as possible. You can share one of the following with your client - they outline what your client can expect and what information they should gather prior to the telephone interview:  Protective's Applicant's Checklist brochure, or SBLIs Interview Instructions.
  • When your clients set a day and time for their exams, advise them to do the exam first thing in the morning before they eat or drink anything (other than water), drink a glass of water one hour prior to the xam, and to do their urine specimen before the examiner takes their blood pressure.

Please call Jeff at 1-800-543-7167 ext. 225 if you'd like to talk through either process further or should you have any questions.

Thanks for your business!