Life Plans and Tools

Our portfolio of companies and products includes:

  • Term - 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years
  • Return of Premium Term plans
  • Traditional U.L. plans (lifetime guarantees available)
  • U.L. plans with LTC and Chronic Illness Riders 
  • Indexed U.L. plans (lifetime guarantees available)
  • Survivorship U.L. plans (can accept one uninsurable)
  • Non-Med...permanent & term...good for small, final expense coverage
  • Simplified Issue Whole Life...good for minor to moderate impaired risk cases
  • Guaranteed Issue Graded Benefit Whole Life...good for severe impaired risk cases
  • Single Premium Life "wealth transfer" plans

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View our list of Life carriers. is online software that allows you to run carrier-specific illustrations for all of our companies!  It is a easy, quick registration process.  Enter client data once and you can then switch between carriers and products.  Call Jeff at ext. 225 for help or questions.