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iPipeline is the vendor we use for our Spreadsheet Quote Engine, Forms, Product and Underwriting modules. If you have already registered for access to those modules, you also have access to this portal for United of Omaha Drop Tickets and e-Apps.

  • Click here for access

    • If you're Username and Password does not self populate, enter the same Username and Password you use for access to our Spreadsheet Quote Engine.

    • If you have not yet registered, click on the "New - sign up for an account" link in the top right hand corner of the log-in screen and do the one-time registration. 

    • After you enter the Username and Password the first time, your computer should self-populate them going forward.

  • Once you've logged in, you'll see:

    • Drop-Ticket and e-App platforms for United of Omaha's two term products:​

      • Term Life Answers - the fully underwritten, most competitive product​ - Drop-Ticket available

      • Term Life Express - simplified issued, standard rates only - e-App available

    • E-app for United of Omaha's final expense product, Living Promises

      • This is a final expense, simplified issue, whole life product

      • Level Benefit is available for relatively healthy clients, and Graded Benefit​ is available for clients with a more involved health history

      • A mobile app to quote this product is available - with your phone or tablet go to the Google Play Store and search for Mutual of Omaha's "Quotes For Sales Professionals"

    • E-app for United of Omaha's Children's Whole Life product​

      • This product features guaranteed future purchase options, each of which can be as much as the original death benefit amount

    • In this portal you'll also see a Drop-Ticket for Protective's term product listed, although you can access ​Protective's Drop-Ticket via the "e-Submissions" tab above

A user-friendly mobile app is available from United of Omaha for fast quotes anywhere, anytime. With your mobile device go to Google's Play Store. Search for Mutual of Omaha's "Quotes for Sales Professionals" and follow download instructions. Please call Greg at (920)337-6111 with any questions. Thanks for your business!

United of Omaha e-Drop Ticket and e-Apps

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