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Drop Ticket and E-App Options

You are able to easily flow into the online Drop-Tickets and E-Apps directly from the spreadsheet quote engine. When you run a spreadsheet and the results show up on your screen, click the "Apply"  button next to any of the carriers to access them.


  • Since you have already logged-in to our spreadsheet quote engine, you do not have to do any further log-ins.

  • Drop-Tickets and E-Apps are not the same - and not all carriers do both. Please review below and call us to discuss in more detail with questions.


  • Drop Tickets are the evolution of the original "Telelife" app pioneered in the mid-90's.

  • You complete a few screens and hit "submit" - you do NOT collect any type of signature.

  • Your client will receive an e-mail link to complete some basic information about themself.

  • The carrier will telephone your client for a 30 minute interview and do two things: (1) they will verbally review all of the questions from a normal application, including medical history, and (2) they will make arrangements for the paramed exam/labs, should they be required. About 25% of applicants qualify for Accelerated Underwriting which means no exams/labs are required - the case is simply approved and issued.

  • The process flows very well as long as your client anticipates the telephone call and interview. Please share the Applicant's Checklist brochure with your client so they gather the proper information prior to the call.

  • Protective, United of Omaha and SBLI are carriers with online Drop Tickets available directly from our spreadsheet quote engine.

    • Protective also has the option of a two-page paper Drop Ticket you can fax or e-mail back to us. You do not collect any client signatures - you simply sign as the agent. Please contact us if you'd like us to send you the two-page Drop Ticket for either carrier.

  • Please contact Julie Adams at 1-800-543-7167 ext. 233 to see if you are appointed with a carrier in order to submit a Drop Ticket.


  • E-Apps allow you to do an online screen for each normal form and page of a complete application packet.

  • No telephone interview from the carrier is necessary since you are completing all the e-pages of a normal app packet.

  • E-Apps do not allow you to "submit" until all fields on all pages are completed - it assures everything is submitted "In Good Order".

  • After completing all screens, you then "lock" the data and "submit" the info packet via e-mail to your client for their e-signatures.

  • To register for a E-App webinar tutorial, please click on

  • Transamerica, Lincoln, American National and North American are carriers with online E-Apps available directly from our spreadsheet quote engine.

  • Please contact Julie Adams at 1-800-543-7167 ext. 233 to see if you are appointed with a carrier in order to submit an E-App.

Please contact Jeff at 1-800-543-7167 ext. 225 if you'd like to talk through either process further or should you have any questions.

Thanks for your business!

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