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Drop Ticket and E-App Options

You are able to access all carrier e-Drop-Tickets and e-Apps directly from the QUICK LINKS area on our Home page. You can also do it from the result screen on our Spreadsheet Quote Engine. When you run a spreadsheet and the results show up on your screen, click the "Apply"  button next to any of the carriers to access them.


Drop-Tickets and E-Apps are not the same - and not all carriers do both. Please review below and call us to discuss in more detail with questions.


  • Drop Tickets are the evolution of the original "telelife" app pioneered in the mid-90's.

  • You complete a few screens and hit "submit" - you do NOT collect any type of signature.

  • Your client will receive an e-mail link to complete some basic information about his or herself.

  • Some carriers allow the client to complete everything online - some carriers require a telephone interview.  About 25% of drop-tickets also qualify for Accelerated Underwriting which means no exams/labs are required - the case is simply approved and issued.

  • Please share the Applicant's Checklist brochure with your client so they gather the proper information prior to the call.

  • Protective, United of Omaha and Symetra e-Drop-Tickets.

    • Protective also has the option of a two-page paper Drop-Ticket you can fax or e-mail back to us. You do not collect any client signatures - you simply sign as the agent. Please contact us if you'd like us to send you the two-page Drop-Ticket for either carrier.

  • Please contact Jodi at (317)613-7309 to see if you are appointed with a carrier in order to submit a Drop-Ticket.


  • E-Apps allow you to do an online screen for each normal form and page of a complete application packet.

  • No telephone interview from the carrier is necessary since you are completing all the e-pages of a normal app packet.

  • E-Apps do not allow you to "submit" until all fields on all pages are completed - it assures everything is submitted "In Good Order".

  • After completing all screens, you then "lock" the data and "submit" the info packet via e-mail to your client for their e-signatures.

  • To register for a e-App webinar tutorial, please click on

  • Transamerica, Lincoln, American National and North American are carriers with online e-Apps.

  • Please contact Monica at (920)337-6111 to see if you are appointed with a carrier in order to submit an E-App.

Please contact Greg at (920)337-6111 if you'd like to talk through either process further or should you have any questions.

Thanks for your business!

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