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International Travel Medical Insurance

Short Term and Long Term Packages Available

Protecting your clients from medical risks while they're traveling or living abroad gives you the opportunity to easily add another income stream to your business.

International Medical Group (IMG) offers a full suite of international medical products, and provides the built-in producer support and resources you need to be successful with IMG's products and services. 

Here are a few reasons why producers like working with IMG:

  • Easy to offer products online - your clients click on a link that is customized to your producer number. They choose their package, pay online, and the sale is credited to you.

  • Personalized support will help you grow your business. Once you are appointed the Sales Service Center will help with product recommendations, quotes and provide you with your customized link to share with your clients and post on your website.

  • IMG offers multilingual consumer material and support for the best in customer service.

  • Grow your existing market with IMG's GlobeHopper Senior plan designed for ages 65+.

  • The Travel Medical insurance and Trip Protection programs can be marketed all year long, with no enrollment restrictions.

  • IMG's programs provide a great cross-selling opportunity to retain existing clients and grow new clients.

Chances are you can sit down right now and make a list of friends, family and clients that can benefit from these plans. Create a new, easy revenue stream by contracting today and start producing business right away.

  • IMG Website - Consumer Approved
  • Recorded Webinar - IMG 101. Use "Pending" for your Producer Number.
  • Recorded Webinar - Globehopper Senior. Use "Pending" for your Producer Number.
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