LTC Plans

We feature Life/LTC linked benefit, hybrid plans from A+(Superior) rated carriers. Linked benefit, hybrid Life/LTC plans have tremendous advantage over stand-alone LTC plans. With linked benefit plans, hybrid plans either the policy owner or the beneficiary will receive (1) leveraged LTC benefits, (2) a higher, leveraged death benefit amount, or (3) a return of premiums. That's not true with stand-alone LTC plans into which a policy owner can pay a lot of premiums, and unless LTC benefits are paid out, never receive anything in return.​ Our products feature:

  • Rates and benefits guaranteed, locked-in from day-one.

  • We can put two lives (spouses or partners) on the same policy.

  • Return of Premium options are available.

  • Premium payment options from single pay, to short pay, to ongoing level pay are available.

  • Benefits period options from 25 months to unlimited/lifetime.

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