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Online Appointment

We've made it easy for you to get appointed with our carriers!

No more filling out a whole new set of bulky paperwork every time you wish to be appointed with a new company.  We're pleased to introduce an industry-leading contracting e-platform:

  • Enter your data just once into this new e-platform.  It will take about 10 minutes.

  • Later, as you wish to get appointed with additional carriers, it's only a few simple mouse clicks because your data has been stored.  Inside the new e-platform you simply click on the new carrier you want to be appointed with.

  • Be sure to create a username and password you will remember.  (If you'd like to give us your username and password we can enter them into our data base in case you need a reminder later on.)


To log-in and get started, click here


If you'd like to see how the process works before you begin, you can view a training video or user manual.


Please contact Monica Steinbrecher at 1-920-337-6111 with any questions. 


Thank you!

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