Non-Med Underwriting and No-Contact Applications

Our 'life' carriers have great non-med underwriting options. No exams or labs means no-contact underwriting with faster approval. And, all carriers have no-contact application submission options for social-distancing. Guidelines are changing often due to COVID-19.   Click here for details.

Long Term Care Solutions
Featuring The Advantages Of Life/LTC Hybrid Products
  • Rates guaranteed, locked-in from day-one
  • Benefits guaranteed, locked-in from day-one
  • Featuring Life / LTC hybrid products from Lincoln & One America
  • We can put both spouses on the same policy

  • Return of Premium options available

  • Single pay, short pay, and ongoing level pay options

  • Benefit periods from 25 months to unlimited/lifetime

  • Click for more info and tools

  • Or Request A Quote.

Sales Tip
Two-Page Paper Drop-Tickets
  • Paper Drop-Tickets available from Protective and United of Omaha for Term, GUL and IUL

  • Don't leave your office

  • Don't collect any signatures

  • Carrier calls your client and does the rest

  • Accelerated non-med under-writing available on some cases 

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