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If you're using our Term spreadsheet mobile app, try our LTC app and Final Expense mobile apps. They work on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Try them today.

Long Term Care Solutions
Featuring The Advantages Of Life/LTC Hybrid Products
  • Rates guaranteed, locked-in from day-one
  • Benefits guaranteed, locked-in from day-one
  • Featuring Life / LTC hybrid products from Lincoln & One America
  • We can put both spouses on the same policy

  • Return of Premium options available

  • Single pay, short pay, and ongoing level pay options

  • Benefit periods from 25 months to unlimited/lifetime

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Sales Tip
New Two-Page Drop-Ticket
  • Paper Drop-Ticket available from Protective and United of Omaha for Term, UL, GUL and IUL

  • Don't leave your office

  • Don't collect any signatures

  • Carrier calls your client and does the rest, including all signatures

  • "Accelerated Underwriting" available for some clients


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